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(being) assisted by tug, with tug
let go tow (tug), cast off tow (tug)
give her push
come alongside
attend her

1. Took tug “Sangmi-ho” bow and “Nari-ho” on aft
2. Took tug “Galmaegi-ho” on port quarter
3. Tug “Galmaegi-ho” made her fast on our port quarter
4. Tug “Mugungwha-ho” came alongside and made fast on portside midship
5. Another tug “Jebi-ho” made fast on portside
6. Two tugs “Nabi-ho” and “Samjari-ho” attended her
7. Tug “Bidlgi-ho” gave her push on star’d bow
8. Proceeded to her berth under tow
9. Proceeded to her berth, #3 Buoy, assisted by tug
10. Let go tug. Cast off tug

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