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engage pilot
drop pilot, discharge pilot
pilot comes on board, pilot arrives on board
pilot leaves ship
make a signal for a pilot
wait for a pilot

1. Stopped eng. and wait for pilot
2. Stopped her off SODO for pilot
3. ORYUKDO L’t Ho bore north 1’ off. Mr. Kim, Pilot, boarded
4. Mr. Rhee, Pilot, came on board, F/H and proceeded into port
5. WOLMIDP L.H. ab’m star’d side 2’ off. Mr.Yang, Pilot, arrived on board
6. Picked up pilot and set full
7. Embarked Mr.Hong, Pilot< and proceeded at full speed ahead under his charge 8. Let go lines and proceeded to sea under pilot’s order 9. Pilot left her off TAEJONGDAE L.H. 10. Discharge pilot and proceeded to sea 11. Pilot, Mr.Kim came on board and took charge 12. Pilot, Capt. Kim boarded and took charge 13. Pilot, Capt. Kim embarked and took charge 14. Stopped her and waited for the pilot off SOKCHO L.H. 15. Hove up anchor and proceeded down the river under pilot’s order 16. Passed BUSAN #1 Entrance Buoy on her port side and discharged the pilot then proceeded to sea

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