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S/B engine (eng.)
Slow, Half, Full (speed) ahead
Slow, Half, Full (speed) astern
Starboard eng. Slow ah’d
Both engines half astern
Ring (Rung) up engine
Ring (Rung) off engine
Finish (Finished) with engine
Goes wrong
Engine recovers
Engine works ahead/astern

1. Left BOMBAY for CAPETOMN. Slow ahead and various engine (var.eng.)
2. Slow astern and (then) used eng. var’ly
3. Half speed ahead and then used eng. ahead var’ly
4. Cleared B/W (breakwater) and L’t Ho (Lighthouse), Full ahead
5. Rung up engine
6. Stopped engine. Slow then half ah’d
7. Full ah’d eng. R/up eng., and dismissed the station
8. Cleared out #1 Fairway Entrance/ F/H
9. S/B eng. Slow down
10. Slow down eng. And then used eng. ah’d var’ly
11. Slow down eng. And then used eng. var’ly as required
12. Stop eng. Arrived at MASAN and F/W eng.
13. Slowed (Eased) down eng. for engineer’s purpose
14. Stopped eng. for engineer’s purpose
15. Stopped eng. for engineer’s request
16. Stopped eng. for engineer’s sake
17. Stopped eng. for (the purpose of) repairing steering gear
18. Stopped eng. to repair steering eng.
19. Stopped eng. owing to confused traffic
20. F/W eng. and dismissed the station

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