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Send out mooring rope to …
Make her fast to …
Place (moor, put) alongside …
Shackle to buoy
Dragging round
Swinging round
Shackle on …

1. Singled up shore lines and prepared for sea
2. Let go shore line, left MASAN for HONGKONG
3. Cast off wharfs and left SEJU for TOKYO
4. Cast off lines, slow ahead engine. Proceed to sea under pilot’s order, using engine var’ly (variously) as required
5. Cast off lines and got clear of wharf, assisted by tug boat on star’d quarter
6. Unshackled the cable from the buoy and slip rope
7. Cast off (let go) buoy rope and half astern engine and proceeded to sea, manoeuvering engine and helm var’ly
8. Let go #1 buoy rope and left ULSAN for LOS ANGELES
9. Shackled #2 Buoy
10. Sent out mooring rope to the pier
11. Came along #1 Buoy and sent buoy rope to it
12. Sent bow and stern lines ashore and commenced hauling her alongside pier
13. Made her fast port side to #1 pier
14. Made her fast fore and aft to the quay. Arrived at BUSAN and finished with engine
15. Got her alongside star’d side to mothership, Korea-ho
16. Made her fast to #1 Buoy with port cable
17. Shackled to #3 Buoy, arrived at MCHEON

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