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let go anchor, drop anchor, cast anchor
brought up with … shackles of cable
in … meters of water
pay (veer) out chain cable moor

1. Cleared hawse and have in port anchor
2. Hove in starboard cables to 3 shackles
3. Hove short port cable to two shackles and cleared hawse
4. Picked up port anchor and hove in starboard cables to 45 fathoms
5. Hove up star’d anchor and hung on ship’s rope
6. Started (commenced) unmooring
7. Started (commenced) to heave up anchor
8. Weighed anchor (anchor up), slow ahead and various engine, left MOKPO to GUNSAN
9. Picked up anchor and proceed down the river under pilot’s direction
10. Let go anchor at quarantine station
11. Cast port anchor and brought up with three shackles of cable
12. Let go star’d anchor in 15 meters of water off INCHEON and brought up with 4 shackles of cable
13. Anchored ay MUKHO outer Harbour with 3 shackles of chain in 20 meters of water
14. Arrived of anchorage and anchored with port anchor and 45 f’ms (fathoms) of cable
15. Dropped anchor and paid (veered) out port chain to 3 shackles
16. Brought up with 4 shackles of port cable and 5 shackles of star’d cable
17. Moored with 2 shackles of cable on each anchor
18. Moored in 25 meters of water with 3 shackles of cable on both sides (both anchors)
19. Pilot, Captain Kim boarded and took his charge
20. Hove up anchor and left BUSAN for Manila in charge of pilot

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