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All crew
All hands
Lash, tie, bind, and buckle
Secure, batten, make sure

1. S/B (stand by) for leaving port
2. Hands employed preparing ship for sea
3. Hands preparing ship for sea
4. Hands employed in preparation for sea
5. Getting all ready for sea
6. Getting ship ready for sea
7. Preparing ship for sea
8. Stationed all hands for leaving port
9. Dismissed station for leaving
10. S/B entering port
11. Stationed all hands for entering port
12. Lashed up everything movable in holds and decks
13. Secured all hatches and battened them down
14. Secured all outside openings and prepared for sea
15. Secured all derrick booms and other fittings, then battened al hatches down
16. Secured watertight doors and lashed up lifeboats for heavy weather
17. Weather becoming threatening, postponed sailing
18. As weather becoming threatening, postponed sailing
19. Tested steering gear, telegraph and whistle, checked gyrocompass and ship’s clocks and all was in good condition
20. Leaving draft (Sailing draft, Draft on departure) F: 3”20, A: 6”10
21. Arrival draft F: 3”75, A: 6”12
22. All crew returned aboard all shore people left her
23. Not more then 1 hour before getting underway:
Same as on arrival and:
“ALL hatches covers, sidescuttles, watertight doors shut, security of vessel inspected. Draft, cargo on board, Fuel oil, Diesel oil, Lubrication oil, water, ballast, stability and crew.”
24. Within 12 hours before arrival (strictly for US ports)
“All communication system, alarms, main and emergency steering gear, rudder indicator, engine telegraph, main propulsion machinery ahead and astern, whistles, navigation lights, radars, VHF, emergency batteries, compasses and other navigation equipment tested and checked.” (“…as per US CFR 33 par. 164,25” – if US port of call. CFR – code of federal regulations USA)

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