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1 The Maritime Safety Committee, at its sixty-eighth session (28 May to 6 June 1997), considered draft “Standard Marine communication Phrases (SMCPs)” prepared by the Sub-Committee on Safety of Navigation and approved their dissemination by this circular.
2 The Committee invited Member Governments and international organizations concerned to conduct trials using the SMCPs attached hereto. Trials, preferably in non-English speaking areas, should be conducted on board ships, by maritime training institutes, search and rescue organizations, hydrographic offices, VTS personnel, pilots, port authorities and by any others involved in maritime communications who may be expected to use the SMCPs in the future.
3 Member Governments are requested to report the results of such experimental use of the SMCPs to the Organization as early as possible and preferably by March 1999 so as to be available for consideration in sufficient time before the forty-fifth session of the Sub-Committee on Safety of Navigation, which, in finalizing them, should take into account any comments thereon from the Sub-Committee on Standards of Training and Watchkeeping.

alt : Imo standart marine communication phrases

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