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alter course (A/CO) to …
set course (S/CO) to …
shape course for …
A/CO var’ly, steer var’ly
steer by …’s order, steer under …’s orders (direction)

1. Steered var’ly under captain’s direction
2. Course var’ly as per captain’s order
3. Steering by pilot’s orders
4. Passed clear passage and steered by captain’s order
5. Passed UDO L.H. on WSW, 1’ off, S/CO to SE. Streamed and set P.log
6. PALMIDO Light abeam SE, 1’ off, A/CO to SE. P.log 10’
7. HAJODO L.H. bore <008>, 5’ off, A/CO var’ly and took in P.log showing 130’

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