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A. On duty

occasional squall
continuous snow squall
sky cleared, weather cleared up
it began to rain
rain ceased – дождь прекратился
thunder storm
torrent of rain

1. Strong gale abated
2. It became threatening
3. Barometer falling
4. Barometer rising
5. Barometer fell to 900 mb suddenly
6. Strong wind began to blow suddenly
7. Moderate gale sprung up
8. Moderate breeze sprung up from northward with rain and rapidly increased to gale
9. Heavy squalls with hail
10. Heavy rain and vivid lightening
11. Frequent light squalls
12. Thunder storm with vivid lightening
13. Weather getting worse
14. Weather getting better
15. Weather became very thick with snow


1. Light breeze and fine weather with smooth sea
2. Strong breeze with (W/) rather heavy rain and sea moderate
3. Moderate breeze w/rather heavy rain and sea moderate
4. Light air and fine weather (wr) w/hazy horizon
5. Strong breeze and overcast, accompanying heavy rain at times and lightening throughout
6. Sea rough w/SE’ly heavy swell
7. Rough sea and SE’ly heavy swell
8. Heavy rain squall passed accompanied by thunder and lightening
9. Slight following wind and overcast cloudy weather w/misty horizon
10. Light air and fine, bright moon light night

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