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weather became thick
fog signal attended to
fog signal kept going, kept fog signal going
at regulation intervals

1. Fog set in and fog signals attended to
2. Fog and heavy rain. Blew steam siren as required by Rule of the Road at Sea
3. International fog regulation strictly complied with
4. Kept regulation fog signal going
5. Dense fog set in with mizzling
6. Fog patches at times
7. Patches of fog at times
8. Dense fog. S/B engine
9. Run into fog bank, put engine stopped and whistle kept going on
10. Thick foggy weather and put engine slow
11. Anchored in thick fog by sight of fairway buoy
12. Thick fog, whistle going and eased engine down
13. Snowing throughout the watch
14. Weather very thick with snow
15. Heavy squalls with hail
16. Heavy hail – squalls
17. Fog cleared away and full speed ahead
18. Fog cleared off, weighed anchor and proceeded to underway
19. International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea 1972
20. Rule 19 “Conduct of Vessels in Restricted Visibility”
21. Entered fog area, visibility of 0.5’ miles

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